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Ceramic coating

What is the Cure Time for Ceramic Car Coatings?

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You generally want to keep your car dry and safe from any contamination for at least 24 hours. This is the time a ceramic coating needs for it to become dry and hard enough so it is not ruined by a simple rain shower. After those 24 hours, it is safe to drive your car out in the open.

How do you wash your car properly once the Ceramic Coating has fully cured?

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-Use the "Two-Bucket Method"

-Only use ph-neutral car soap

-Use ceramic coating refresher sprays or come to us for a maintnence wash quarterly or yearly

-Avoid high-volume brush washes

-Use good quality drying microfiber towels

-Never use a clay bar or perform paint correction on a ceramic coated car

What are your Options While the Ceramic Coating Cures?

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We advise you to use your car for as little as possible. Keep it safe whenever you can in a garage. This is particularly crucial during the winter months when ice formation on the surface can harm your coating. Try not to drive farther than is absolutely required if you must use your automobile during these periods. Additionally, when parking, keep it away from other cars and in the shade, and out of the rain.

That are quite the instructions we got there, but to keep it simple, here are some pointers on things to avoid doing while you are waiting for the newly installed ceramic coating to fully cure:

avoid washing your car in general

definitely avoid automatic car washes

-don't use highly acidic or highly alkaline car shampoos

-avoid using a pressure washer

-don't park under a tree

-don't drive at highway speeds or faster

-don't leave your car near sprinklers

-try not to leave your car out in the rain

-don't park in areas where there are lots of bird droppings


How much for a full detail?

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There's a lot of different variables that go into quotes, we have interior details ranging from $95 to $575. Just reach out to us and we would be happy to give you a quote.

Are you certified?

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All our technicians are required to pass the Certified Detailer Test administered by the International Detailing Association. Our research into the latest products gives us the advantage to provide your vehicle with the care it deserves.

Why choose Detail Peoria?

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We are committed to providing the highest level of service and dedication and we promise to take care of your vehicle as if it were one of our own.

Paint Protection Film

What does PPF do?

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Paint protection film is an often self-healing thermoplastic urethane film applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions.

What Different Paint Protection Film do you offer?

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We offer Ceramic Pro KAVACA. Ceramic Coated PPF is the only true ceramic-infused paint protection film on the market. KAVACA Ceramic Coated arrives from the factory pre-coated with Ceramic Pro’s proprietary  PPF & Vinyl formula. This allows you to have all the benefits of self-healing paint protection film with the added hydrophobic and self-cleaning action of a Ceramic Pro ceramic coating. This film helps you save money by saving the labor intensive step of adding Ceramic Pro after PPF is installed.

We also offer a Ceramic Pro Matte, which transforms your paint to give it a matte finish while also protecting your paint and when you want glossy paint again we remove the film and you can go back to the origional paint without damaging it.

We also offer Stek fashion film in different colors/patterns to transform the look of your vehicle while maintaining the protection of the paint under the film.

How do I maintain Paint Protection Film?

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No special maintenance is required for PPF However Coming in for maintnence not only keeps your warranty active but also we can inspect it to ensure the film is performing the exact way it's supposed to.

Will your PPF yellow over time?

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KAVACA is warrantied for 12 years against a range of issues including yellowing.

Can I run my car through an automatic car wash?

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Yes and no, please wait at least 48 hours after installation to allow the film to dry completely to wash your vehicle. BUT at the end of the day, we advise you against any car wash that physically touches your car unless it's a hand wash; you never know who washes their car before you in those washes and they could have something that can scratch your paint on the brush which will will most likely leave swirl marks and scratches in your paint.

Can I use a pressure washer, and how soon after install?

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Yes, pressure washers can be used on XPEL paint protection films, provided the film has completely dried after installation (typically 48 hours) and provided the high-pressure water is not pointed directly at the edges of the film.

Window Tint

What are the benefits of window film?

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The many benefits of window film include heat reduction, eye comfort, UV protection, aesthetics, and increased safety, privacy, and energy savings. We use Xpel Prime XR Ceramic window film with 70% infrared heat rejection, and 99% UV ray rejection as well, which is basically SPF500!

I just had my windows tinted, why do they look hazy?

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The moisture that remains between the film and the glass after installation can cause a hazy, streaky, blotchy appearance. It takes several days for the film to completely cure. The remaining moisture will evaporate through the film; depending on the type of film, this process may take a couple of days, or even a couple of months (depending on your climate). When the water evaporates completely, your windows should have excellent clarity.

Do I need to wait to roll my windows down?

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We recommend that you leave your vehicle windows rolled up for at least 24-36 hours after window film has been installed. This allows the film to cure and adhere to the glass before the window is moved.

Is the tint applied to the outside of the window?

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No. Window film is installed on the inside of the glass. This allows for maximum durability.

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