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Maintenance Services

Our maintenance services provide exceptional cleaning and protection options for our returning customers after your vehicle as been through one of our exterior enhancement services.

If you are a first time customer, please view our Enhancement Services.

Maintenance Plus

This service is perfect for customers looking to have their vehicles maintained to the highest level. Your exterior will receive a deep cleaning and additional protection, and your interior will be tidied up for a full inside and out detail.

Schedule 2-4 times per year for optional results.

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Coating Maintenance Service

This service is perfect for customers who have previously had their vehicle Ceramic coated, we recomend you do this a few months after getting a coating. Your exterior is deep cleaned, and sprayed wit ha Ceramic booster. This will make future maintenance a breeze as well!

Schedule 2-3 times per year

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Note: This service is not intended to remove paint defects. For swirl mark & paint defect removal, please view our Enhancement Services.

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