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Wheel Coating

Tired of scrubbing away brake dust? A well protected wheel will be considerably easier to clean!


● Helps repel dirt and brake dust better than traditional protection

● No need to use harsh cleaners when properly maintained

● Much more durable than traditional waxes or sealants

● Thick layer of protection provides that better resistance to environmental contaminants

● 1+ year of easier maintenance and durable protection*

Standard Wheel Service

Starting at $150 / set of 4

● Wheel faces deep cleaned

● 1 coat applied to wheel face

Premium Wheels Off Service

Starting at $500 / set of 4

● Vehicle lifted & wheels carefully removed

● Wheel faces and barrels cleaned & coated

● Finished brakes cleaned and coated

● Wheel wells & visible suspension parts cleaned

*Durability levels subject to proper routine maintenance.

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