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In the fast-paced world of automotive detailing and paint protection, standing out requires more than just expertise – it demands a commitment to excellence and innovation. Our latest Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer Spotlight video takes you behind the scenes at Ceramic Pro Elite Peoria, with owner Scott Smith showcasing his thriving business, Detail Peoria. Join us as we explore their state-of-the-art facility, learn about their journey with Ceramic Pro, and discover the unique features that set them apart in the industry.

The Journey from SEMA to a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer

Scott Smith’s journey with Ceramic Pro began at the renowned SEMA show in 2022. Struck by the cutting-edge technology and unmatched quality of Ceramic Pro’s products, Scott decided on the spot that partnering with Ceramic Pro was the right move for Detail Peoria. Little did he know that this pivotal decision would transform his business into a beacon of excellence in the automotive detailing world.

A Tour of Ceramic Pro Elite Peoria

Designated Workspaces

Detail Peoria’s 7,000 square foot shop is meticulously organized with designated workspaces, ensuring efficiency and precision in every step of the detailing process. From the wash bay to the paint protection film (PPF) room and the polishing and paint correction area, each space is optimized for specific tasks.

Temperature-Controlled PPF Room

The PPF room is a testament to Detail Peoria’s dedication to quality. Temperature-controlled to minimize dust, it ensures optimal conditions for flawless paint protection film installations. The attention to detail extends to the lighting, with a specialist brought in to guarantee the perfect environment for precision work.

Customer Lounge Proximity

Customer Lounge Proximity: The customer lounge is strategically located near the workspace, allowing customers to witness the transformation of their vehicles. This transparency not only builds trust but also holds the team accountable for delivering top-notch results.

The Growth Journey

Since partnering with Ceramic Pro, Detail Peoria has experienced significant growth. Upgrading to a 7,000 square foot facility and expanding their team, they have positioned themselves as a leader in the industry. The commitment to excellence has been the driving force behind their success, with a constant focus on staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

Concierge Service: A Unique Offering

Setting themselves apart from the competition, Ceramic Pro Elite Peoria introduces a concierge service. This service goes beyond traditional detailing by offering customers the convenience of pick-up and delivery using a weather-proof intake trailer. This innovative solution ensures that clients can enjoy the benefits of detailing without adding unnecessary miles to their vehicles.

Staying Ahead in a Dynamic Industry:

Scott Smith emphasizes the dynamic nature of the paint protection industry and the importance of continuous learning. Detail Peoria invests in regular training to keep their team updated on the latest techniques and technologies. This commitment to staying ahead ensures that customers receive the best-in-class service with the latest advancements in paint protection.

Ceramic Pro Elite Peoria and Detail Peoria epitomize the pinnacle of automotive detailing and paint protection. Their journey, marked by a chance encounter, dedication to perfection, and a commitment to innovation, showcases the transformative power of strategic partnerships. As the automotive detailing industry evolves, Ceramic Pro Elite Peoria stands as a shining example of excellence, setting the standard for others to follow.

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