2023 Chevrolet corvette c8 z06

They are here! The Z06 Corvette has started rolling through Peoria! While we are in conversation with several new C8 owners waiting on openings, this one made it through the pipeline before the GM factory turned off and will be cruising the Peoria Illinois streets well protected after our Ultimate Armor Package in Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Film and ION Ceramic Coating Service.

Why do we feel it is so important to protect the paint and other surfaces of this car? Firstly, we are looking to enhance the ownership experience of the car. It is more fun to drive the car you care about knowing the finish is well protected from a harmful Illinois midwest environment. Secondly, we want to maintain the value of the investment. Rock chips, UV oxidation, fading of trim, and scratches look terrible and lower the value of the car at resale or trade in. Lastly, you didn’t by this car for it to not look amazing! With proper enhancement and protection of the finish this car will look better than the day it rolled off the lot. Lets check out the process.

The Ultimate Armor Package Includes:
Full Front PPF (Paint Protection Film)
Full Car Coating (2 Layers of ION Base Coat, 1 Layer of ION Top Coat)
Wheel Protection
Glass Protection

Added Services:
Leather Coating Treatment
All plastic interior surfaces coated


full exterior detail

Every project begins with a hangout session in the indoor wash bay. We need to make sure we have perfectly clean and decontaminated paint (and other finishes) to work with as step one.

Preparation for ppf install

This starts with a foam pre soak to help remove any loose dirt and contaminant before we physically touch the car. We use and iron remover to chemically degrade built up rail dust and other contaminant from the shipping and storage process. And we clay bar the paint to exfoliate and remove any bonded contaminant that couldn’t be chemically removed with the iron remover.

PPF Installation

Ceramic Pro KAVACA Paint Protection Film is ceramic-infused pre-coated from the factory with Ceramic Pro’s proprietary  PPF & Vinyl formula. It's capable of absorbing the impact of road debris to help stop permanent damage on the paint in the form of a rock chip. This is an absolute must in Central Illinois.

We take the fit, finish, and quality of our installations very seriously. The film needs to be applied safely, in a manner that will allow it to perform its protective duties for years to come (not over stretching the film), and have no visual consequence to the protection being in place (it has to look good! no dirt and debris no distortions in the adhesive and no lifting). 

Building a working environment to intentionally support the above points makes that possible. We are extremely clean, rinsing hands and panels regularly, we use a computer software to print the film through a specific body kit, and our technicians are among the best in the country. We are very proud to be one of the 200 Elite Dealers in North America.

Heat Treatment

We make time to go over the entire car checking all the edges of the PPF install. Using a heat gun and squeegees we tighten down every edge to make for a long lasting seal over the body panels.

Ceramic Coating (ION)

Applying Ceramic Pros ION coatings is a delicate process. The humidity must be set to 52% and timing between coat applications takes an experienced technician to execute. We apply the coatings in a sealed room with its own air-conditioning unit in order to give us the best possible scenario for a clean install. The thickness and durability of the coating is none that we've seen on the market.

Ceramic Pro ION is a two-component ceramic coating system that utilizes revolutionary ION Exchange Technology to fuse multiple coating layers into a single, durable, and robust protected surface. This coating technology increases the strength of the atomic bond within the two coatings, and the original substrate once applied.

Ceramic Coatings offer long term protection from UV and chemical damage, deliver a pop in gloss, and make regular wash maintenance fast and easy by creating a surface that will repel dirt and contaminant.

Final results

And with that, the Paint Enhancement and Protection project is complete! This car looks amazing, and can be driven worry free of damage. Check out the final shots!