2023 Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Ceramic Coating: Ion 7 year

Owning a high-performance vehicle like this 2023 Dodge Challenger Hellcat is not just about the muscle—it's also about preserving history and keeping the American dream alive.
Enter the world of ceramic coatings by Ceramic Pro®, a revolutionary way to protect and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your prized possession. In this 'story', we'll take you through the step-by-step process of applying our 7 year ION Ceramic Coating by Ceramic Pro® to a Dodge Challenger Hellcat! This is truly a dream job and we have to continue pinching ourselves to make sure we aren't dreaming.
Today, join our Certified Protection Specialists™ on this adventure of coating this magnificent beast!
Our Services are CARFAX® Certified meaning your car grows in value once you have PPF, Ceramic Coating or Window Tint installed.

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Unleashing the Power of Protection:

Applying a 7-Year Ceramic Coating to a Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, here are some specs of this Challenger Hellcat. Read it and weep:

- Supercharged 16-valve V-8
- 797 hp @ 6300 rpm
- Zero to 60 mph: 3.7 sec
- Top speed: 203 mph
- Torque: 707 lb-ft @ 4500 rpm

Preparing the challenger

Ceramic Coatings are borderline permanent. Because they are so strong and last so long anything on the car will be there for the life of the coating after install.

So, it's crucial that the car is perfect perfect.

Our team begins by thoroughly cleaning the car, ensuring that every nook and cranny is free from contaminants. Clay bar, iron fallout, and other harsh chemicals are applied by trained technicians ensuring that no damage comes to the vehicle while in the wash bay.


Every vehicle that receives any protective service gets a full surface decontamination. We do this by clay baring the entire exterior of the vehicle. After that we take a polisher to every inch of the car to make sure the paint is in absolute perfect condition with zero contaminants. This is important because certain specs of dirt, debris and grime can hide from the human eye. Microscopic imperfections in the paint cannot hide from clay bar and polishing. This insures us that the entire exterior of the car is perfect.

Surface Prep

After we polish the vehicle and the exterior is in perfect condition, we then move on to the final stage: Surface Prep.

We use Americana Global's Surface Prep. It is designed to remove existing waxes, polymers, oils, and residue – leaving your substrate surgically clean and prepped before and after paint correction.

ION 7 Year Coating is a combination of two layers.

Base coat: containing more Titanium(Ti02) and less silica(si02) means the particles are large. This enables the base coat to seep deep into the pores of the paint.
Top coat: Contains more silica(si02) meaning the particles are smaller and able to fill in any cracks or imperfections left behind by the larger particle base coat.

The result is a ceramic coating that produces twice the durability, integrity, and longevity of traditional nanoceramic coatings.

ION is exclusively available at Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers. Detail Peoria is an official Elite dealer of ceramic pro.

Base Coat

We apply the Base coat first. Dripped onto an applicator pad, about 12-14 drops, then apply the coating to half a panel.

We wait 15-30 seconds and watch to see any rainbow affect of the coating starting to "flash" on the paint. This allows the Base Coat to permeate the pores of the paint.

First towel wipe acts as a leveling for the base coat and creates a smooth surface and takes off any access or over applied coating.

Top Coat

A second technician will follow close behind repeating the process for the Top Coat.

This finalizes the 2 layer system of ION Ceramic Coating. The wait times and utilizing multiple towels to smooth down the coating layers are crucial.

We've found that having a humidity level under 62% is ideal for the coating to set correctly.

After the application of the final panel with Top Coat, we then allow the car to sit in a climate controlled room for 8-12 hours to cure.

Final Results