We all know it’s coming. Every year in central Illinois and throughout the Midwest we all know winter is coming! Salt, ice, snow, freezing temperatures and a whole bunch of other stuff that are threatening to our vehicles is everywhere! Rust, corrosion, chemical staining and a bunch of other stuff can lead to your car dying.

Which is why we are offering the perfect package to get your vehicle through the winter months. Our Winter Sport Package.

What is sport?

Now, if you're not familiar with ceramic coatings, let me give you a quick rundown. Ceramic coatings are a liquid polymer applied to the exterior surfaces of your vehicle, forming a protective layer that bonds with the factory paint.

So, why specifically opt for a 6-month ceramic coating? Well, it strikes the perfect balance between durability and affordability. It provides protection throughout the winter season without breaking the bank. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a ceramic coating without spending $200,000….jk ceramic coatings are usually around 1-2 thousand dollars. 

Our Winter Sport Package is only $300. Boom. 

Our Winter Sport Package is only $300. Boom. 

You’ll have a clean car, inside and out, protection to last you through the winter months and finally, better visibility to see out of your windshield in harsh weather. Which is good. Cuz you need to see the road. Most of the time. 

Winter is coming. Get your car in our shop asap or else the frost giants will take your car. And they’ll probably keep it. Unless it’s a Challenger. Frost Giants aren’t really into muscle cars. 

Schedule the winter sport package today!

Learn about Ceramic Coatings

Is it worth getting ceramic coating from the dealership?

The quick answer is "no" if you're going to install Paint Protection Film.

If you are thinking about installing Paint Protection Film or any other high-end Ceramic Coating that lasts more than 5 years, then the obvious answer is "no". The reason for this is once you get your vehicle in our shop, or any other shop specializing in automotive protection services, in order to apply any of our products we must first remove any coating that is on the car.

This means, more work and time which in retrospect, drives our price up for the man hours. Also, the Ceramic Coatings that the dealerships install can cost a few thousand dollars.

Spending a lot of money for something to get removed, and paying extra for our technicians to remove the coating will end up costing you thousands of dollars.

We recommend doing research, finding the right protection for your car and sticking to that plan. Ceramic Coatings and Paint Protection Film are the best ways to protect your investment. These services cost anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000, so finding the right shop and crew to install is crucial.

Final thought, trust is the most important aspect of this topic. Trusting the technicians, the products and support systems/warranties is everything. Investing thousands of dollars into your car without trust will always lead you down a path of frustration. So, shop around, find the right shop/dealership, find the right protection for you, do your research and we know that you will not regret taking that time to make sure you trust what is going on your car.

Is PPF the same thing as Ceramic Coating?

No, they are different materials. Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a thin layer of plastic while Ceramic Coating is a thin layer of glass applied as a liquid.

What is a ceramic coating?

Ok. It's complicated. So, here's a quick breakdown.

Ceramic Pro combines two organic elements, Si02 (Silicon Dioxide) and Ti02 (Titanium Dioxide), into a nanoparticle liquid that's quartz strong. Side note, the element silica is found in quartz.

The nanoparticle liquid/ceramic coating electrically bonds to the automotive paint. Meaning the two individual components become one. Instead of simply sitting on top of the clear coated surface, the coating will penetrate the microscopic pores, secure them, and then harden on the flat, top surface. This creates a glass-like shield over your paint that repels water and other contaminants.

No plastic.
No Glass.
100% organic.
Strong as Quartz.

Does it protect my car?

Quick answer: YES

Long Answer: Yeeesssss.

Are all coatings the same?


To really get to the bottom of this you have to start with the concept of protecting surfaces. There are many ways to protect surfaces. Metal, glass, plastic are a few common examples. They all have their perks and their weaknesses.

Some coatings are glass based.
Some coatings are plastic based.
Ceramic Pro's coatings are silicon (Si02) based.

What's the difference between Si02 and the rest of the examples above? Well, it requires more elements and a covalent bond in order to make it applicable...Aka a little more science. This also means it's very intricate in the application process. Sometimes highly difficult to apply making the substance frustrating and borderline intolerable.

So, instead of a "layer of protection" on your car, like glass or polyurethane it's a stronger clear coat infused with silicon (Si02) and titanium (Ti02).

What we've seen is the results are crazy strength, hydrophobic and really makes cars look super mirror shiny.

Is it worth it?

1. Some of the most advanced technology offering extreme protection that was never possible before.

2. 10+ years of experience technicians that are car enthusiasts and experts in applying any coating.

3. Long term protection for your vehicle that works.

4. Warrantied and recorded on your cars VIN and is CarFax certified.

Quick answer: yes.