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Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film is the ultimate protection for your vehicle's paint.

Complete Protection

Paint Protection Film (aka: PPF or clear bra) is the ultimate protection for your vehicle's paint. It comes in the form of a thick urethane film that will absorb the impact of road debris as you drive your vehicle.

The film will also protect against etchings from bugs and bird droppings, scuffs from shopping carts, kids bikes, and anyhthing that would normally scratch the paint during your ownership experience.

Our premium products like XPEL Ultimate Plus paint protection film also has a self-healing clear coat. The film heals minor swirls and abrasions from the surface. The light swirls and scratches can fade to nothing. Park your vehicle in the sun and these minor defects will simply disappear!

Rock Chips

Clear bra is the only protection against chips and road abrasion.

Bugs & Birds

This durable layer provides a barrier to protect the paint from chemical etchings.

Shopping Carts

Clear bra takes the abuse of light scratches and impact, leaving unharmed paint beneath the film.


Say goodbye to pesky scratches with clear bra protection.

Installation Process

Detail Peoria represents the finest clear bra installers in the Midwest. With extensive training and experience, the installation team is able to install everything from headlight protection to full vehicle wraps. Each piece of film is custom cut in house for the best possible fit, leaving behind long-lasting, durable protection.

Paint Preparation

The most thorough preparation provides a strong bond to the paint.

Custom Fit

Custom cut kits, printed in house, provide the best fit in the industry.


Skilled installers are trained for nearly invisible results after application.


Detail Peoria provides detail care instructions and/or care packages for installed clear bra.

Protection Packages

We can tailor a protection package to meet your needs. We have several options for clear bra paint coverage, and all of our packages come with wrapped edges where possible for an undetectable install.

We also offer ceramic coating options that slow the accumulation of environmental contaminants in the film over time while also making the entire vehicle easier to maintain.

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